Abdominal Exercise Machine

  • FOB Price : USD $73-75 SETS
  • Min.Order Quantity : 500 SETS
  • Supply Ability : 5000
  • Product Name : Abdominal Exercise Machine
  • Port : NINGBO
  • Payment Terms : LC/TT
  • Quantity : SETS
  • Brand Name :
  • Model Number :
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Product Details


Material: heavy duty steel frame, sponge and plastic

Overall size: 51.18"x 26.77"x 49.21"

Weight Capacity: 353 lbs

LED display: time, cal, count

Basic Instrustions:

Adjust seat so it is straight for lower lift or angled for side lift(see owner's manual)

Kneel on knee pad with both feet hooked against the rear edge of the pad

Place forearms and elbows on arm pads. Lightly grasp handles

Slowly pull knees forward until you fully contract your abs. Return slowly to starting position, and repeat